3 Hormones that Regulate your Natural Weight

Hormones are chemical messengers that interact with the brain and stimulates various organs, tissues and bodily processes into action. There are many types of hormones. Hormones navigate the body’s pathways by means of various circulatory fluids like blood. One of the many functions of the chemical messengers serves as weight loss hormones. For example, fat… Read More »

Lower Cortisol Stress Hormone to Lose Weight

There are many factors which can leave you feeling chronically stressed. This habit of worrying can lead to higher levels of cortisol and weight gain. Although initially stress can cause some people to lose their appetite, in the long term our “fight or flight” responses will trick your brain into wanting extra calories as a… Read More »

Why Leptin Resistance Matters

Millions of people are trying to lose fat and maintain a healthy body weight. Many, however, have never heard of or understand the role leptin plays in this process. The following information describes exactly what leptin resistance is, why it matters, and tips for fixing it. What is Leptin? Leptin is a human hormone that… Read More »